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Post by Daven » Thu Sep 22, 2011 9:02 am

Please note that if you post any message that appears to be spam your post and account will be deleted.

In order to keep the board free from spam or unwanted posts all new users IP's are checked before being approved. If we suspect you are here for reasons not related to LaserScript lasers your account will be deleted.

At present there are no hidden areas of the board so joining will not give access to areas you can not already view.

If you do join the forum please pop into the 'Login and say hello' and introduce yourself.

Using two LS3060's and an ex 3020 user
Please note I am not employed by HPC, any advice or recomendations I give are based on my own experience and are not necessarily the same as HPC's. First point of contact on any hardware issues should be with HPC


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