LS3020 - New owners look in here!

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LS3020 - New owners look in here!

Post by PhillyDee » Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:19 pm

So you have bought an LS3020. Here are some useful posts:

Quick Newlydraw settings (Daven): ... ?f=9&t=192
Includes all the stuff you should know before you read the manual!

Getting the bed flat (bobg): ... ?f=9&t=264
Consistent cuttting and correct focusing!

Easy machine upgrades (Daven): ... ?f=2&t=235
This includes an hour counter, Power meter dial, and temperature sensors

Cleaning the optics (daven): ... ?f=9&t=234
Removal of the zozzle [sic] to clean the lens. Just be careful when you refit it (Because of here: ... ?f=2&t=331)

Height adjustment disc (PhillyDee) ... ?f=2&t=290
This fits under your LS3020

Easy engraving and cutting using CorelDraw and NewlyDraw (bobg) ... ?f=9&t=377

Models and designs (Thingiverse):
Includes a lot of stuff for lasers and 3d printers! Im on there as well, just look for me!

Materials Database (PhillyDee): ... ?f=9&t=294
I compiled this list. If you find anything, give me a shout and I will add it! - Electronics, tools, hobby tools, power tools, and much more!

An ex LS3020 user now playing with an LS6840PRO (60W) and an LS1290PRO (80W)

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