Newlydraw dongle advice

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Newlydraw dongle advice

Post by unravelled » Mon Jul 27, 2020 11:52 am

My machine is a LS3020 running Newlydraw software on a win98 pc. It has been out of use for some time for a repair, and now it is ready to test, I seem to have mislaid the dongle for the software. I need to work out how to proceed.
The first thought is whether there is a market in secondhand dongles, or are they not interchangeable? What I am hoping for is that someone has a dongle I can borrow, which will allow me to test the machine. If it is working I can think about buying one.
My second alternative is to ask whether there is any other, dongle free, software now available, fsuitable for the 3020. Preferably free or with a free trial period so that I can test the machine without too much outlay.
Of course if it doesn't work I may be considering a new laser cutter...



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Re: Newlydraw dongle advice

Post by Daven » Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:34 pm

Hi Dave,
Call HPC - they may still have spares.

No other software will work as far as I am aware as the software, dongle and machine are all linked to the controller board.

Using two LS3060's and an ex 3020 user
Please note I am not employed by HPC, any advice or recomendations I give are based on my own experience and are not necessarily the same as HPC's. First point of contact on any hardware issues should be with HPC

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