Weird Engraving Glitch and How to Fix It

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Weird Engraving Glitch and How to Fix It

Post by JamesW » Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:10 pm

Hello All,

Today I had a new issue, which I've not seen in more than five years of lasering.

Lasercut kept making files that my 3060s wouldn't engrave. Sometimes, press "test" and the file beeps "out" - it's asking the machine to engrave or cut outside the bed size. Once I generated a file that didn't beep out - instead, when I pressed "test" it carried the optics over the left-hand edge, bashing the blower nozzle. Pressed stop FAST. Ouch!

So I made a new test file. A square, 20mm x 20mm. Set it to cut. It cuts fine. Set it to engrave... Whammo! Exactly the same design won't engrave because it's too big for the bed. Doing a simulation, you can see the cutting head enter from somewhere very far away at the bottom left, and exit there too. Zooming out, it appeared to be infinitely far away.

So, I figured, something in the software preferences has misplaced the engraving origin as some mystery maths place in the Southwest. (Penzance maybe?)

Eventually I figured out a fix. Go into Lasercut's Machine-Options/Engraving Preferences, set the "Down-to-Up" preference to "Up-To-Down". Save. Simulate. Yes, now it's going Up-To-Down. Go back into the prefs, Reverse the setting to "Down-To-Up" again. Save. Simulate. Yes, it's back to "Down-to-Up" again.

Now everything's dandy. Clearly this procedure overwrote the chewed-up origin definition with the correct one. Job done.

Hope this helps!


P.S. Oliver at HPC was very helpful He provided a full downloadable copy of the software, so I could reinstall it. Fortunately, I didn't need to. But good to know that HPC can help!

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Re: Weird Engraving Glitch and How to Fix It

Post by Daven » Thu Mar 14, 2019 3:31 pm

Is that Lasercut 5.3?

I have not come across that before - only if the file is too large which sometime does daft things!

Good job on finding a solution ;)

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