Car Dealers!!

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Car Dealers!!

Post by Spooky » Fri May 06, 2011 1:11 pm

Car dealers in general tend to be looked at like Arthur Daly's so I thought I'd post this recent experience of mine. It takes a lot to impress me these days and I usually don't comment but this was so far above and beyond I thought I'd share :)

Well it started about a month ago when Karen decided we needed a cheap and cheerful 8 seater to get all the kids round in. A quick look round found a Mitsubishi Delica at about 20 miles up the road from me. Looked like a pretty good condition motor with no real damage or rust etc. £2000 for that year and condition was a good price so I went ahead and bought it.
Oops, two days later I'm driving back from Southampton with the kids and the temp gauge shot to the top and started blowing steam and oil vapour from the bonnet, not a good sign.
Limped home and found as suspected a blow radiator, I gave Nick at Sovereign a ring on the Sunday morning and he sent out a transporter to pick it up.
After a couple of days Nick called to say the Rad was indeed gone but he suspected there may be other problems so would it be ok if he kept hold of it for a week or so to investigate, no problem as we have other cars.

End of the week Nick called to say the head gasget was gone as well and that the Delica range were known for cracking heads....oh dear...

He said don't worry he would sort it out.

Two weeks later they delivered back the Delica having fitted a new head, a new water pump, a new radiator and serviced the vehicle fully and given it the full valeting treatment.

There is no real way they could have seen the problems coming so I was happy to make at least some kind of payment towards the costs (hell brand new heads from Japan aren't cheap) but guess what?


On top of that was a bottle of fine red wine and a bottle of top line bubbly with a note saying thanks for being patient...looking just at the trade prices of the parts Sovereign spent MORE on just the parts than I had paid for the car!!

Two days later after getting service like that I went to them and bought a 230SLK for Karen and a 320 AMG SLK for me at very good prices both with full service history.

As I have said before about Chris and Charli at HPC, when you get exemplary service it pays to stick with your dealer / vendor, I'll be back at Sovereign soon for a new Merc to replace our 8 year old Honda CRV.

I know where I'll be going in future for all my cars.

best wishes

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Re: Car Dealers!!

Post by Daven » Fri May 06, 2011 3:38 pm

Glad someone has had good service this week - my hosting site went down last Friday and is still not back! I have swapped companies and spent the last couple of days rebuilding the sites! I doubt I will see any compensation Ionly just renewed with them as well!)

Dave ;-)
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Re: Car Dealers!!

Post by PhillyDee » Fri May 06, 2011 8:52 pm

Don't forget that every car bought from a trade seller has to have a 3 month warranty. However, in this case, the dealer has gone far and beyond what was required to repair the car! Exemplary customer service, and a credit to their trade. Its a shame I never had such a nice experience of a massive North East car broker. - Electronics, tools, hobby tools, power tools, and much more!

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Re: Car Dealers!!

Post by Pedro_Hernandez » Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:03 am

Fortunately I always get exemplary service,,,

Mind you I only drive VW/Skoda and lucky enough to have a Brother that works for VW in the body shop, a Sister high up in a VW Service centre and my Brother In-law is a Master Technician for VW/Audi !.

On the other hand my wife drives a Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily) if it wasn't for the fact it was on a company lease hire agreement it would have cost he ra fortune by now!

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