Motorised Z Axis LS3020

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Motorised Z Axis LS3020

Post by HMan » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:21 pm

Hi guys, so the LS3020 has a mechanically controlled z-axis (the laser bed) and you spin a giant wooden cog to raise or lower the bed to the desired focal length. I'm wondering as a mod has anyone ever tried to motorise the z-axis them selves. Either adding a motor and controller externally or looked at the motherboard inside the machine to see if you can add a motor and control to it?

One thing I noticed the LS3020 has on the control panel is the option for Z-axis control and obviously when you press it and press the up and down controls nothing happens cause nothing is wired up to do so but still, I wonder what could be done?

Let me know if you've ever tried anything like this

Thanks again

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