Ls6090 axis misbehaving

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Ls6090 axis misbehaving

Post by Steve78 » Mon Apr 26, 2021 12:54 pm

Hello all

I have a fault that has developed on the axis of my ls6090 that I desperately need help with... pics attached

In short, the laser appears to be firing fine, but both the x and y axis seem to be jumping sporadically... sometimes it cuts fine, but much of the time it's producing a serrated cut and even turning what should be smooth diagonal lines into what resembles a set of stairs... I've considered that the belts may need tightening or replacing but a) I've no idea how to check them, and b) it seems suspicious to me that they should both be on the fritz at the same time

As I said, it doesn't do it on every line, but often enough that it's ruining almost every piece of work that I'm trying to do. Any help and advice greatly appreciated.. my business is relying heavily on a working laser cutter and I'm totally stuck while this is going on. Regards, steve
Serrated edge should be continuous line
Stepping line that should be smooth

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Re: Ls6090 axis misbehaving

Post by Daven » Mon Apr 26, 2021 5:48 pm

Give HPC a call - it will be quicker than trying to troubleshoot here ;)

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