Purex extraction unit filters

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Purex extraction unit filters

Post by Rich » Sat Jul 11, 2020 2:35 pm

Hi all

Not posted on here for what seems like an eternity! Hope everyone is safe and well.

I think I need a replacement filter for my extraction unit. Its a Purex machine and I think I might need a HEPA/Chemical Filter as the machine beeps quite a bit intermittently now. I have found some online but they are like £300+ and I was gobsmacked to see them at that price so was wondering if

A) Anyone knows of a place that sells them cheaper than that
B) Is there like another make/brand that is like a universal one that I can use instead


C) is anyone selling a fume extraction system? It might be worth buying a smaller unit for less than the price of the filter if anyone has one?

Thanks :D


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